Standoff 2 Beginner Guide: Tips, Hacks & Strategies to Get Better And WIN!

Axlebolt made a mark in the gaming world when they released Standoff 2, the sequel to Standoff Multiplayer, launched on April 17, 2017. It has 4.6 Google Play Store ratings with fifty millions downloads. And the game has maintained a respectable ranking among many other games from different nations.

Standoff 2 is a great game for FPS fans. Standoff 2 has many different game modes. You will get a quick introduction to the basic controls after you begin the match.

To give you an idea, Standoff 2 does not provide tutorials or training. If you’re new to FPS games, it may be very difficult. Standoff 2 Hack is more entertaining because of the competitive nature of the game. But, don’t worry. This guide will show you how to play and give you tips on how to catch up.

Establishing controls

The game’s best feature is its ability to adjust the controls and the in-game settings. However, just because your friend is enjoying the game one way doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

Display Settings: Depending on your device, this will allow you to adjust the settings for great graphics and great finishing.

Switch to Pick-up Weapons: This can be very disturbing when you suddenly change to a primary weapon while in a battle with someone else.

Aim Sensitivity: Although the suitable sensitivity for each player is different, it is generally better to have a higher sensitivity for most parts. Choose a setting that works for you and keep it.

Turn off acceleration. Most players do this by turning it off or setting it low. They then follow their forward/back movements to compensate.

Crosshair settings. You can also adjust the crosshair depending on your enjoyment. I prefer point over cross but try to find something that suits you.

Another great tip is disabling any unnecessary options in the game. This will help reduce any lag, I.e., removing bodies after death.

Recognize maps

Standoff 2 includes several maps such as Province, Rust, Sandstone, Sakura, Zone 9, etc. The player with greater knowledge of the map is the one who will prevail. You can do this by remembering the minimap at the top right corner, which shows everything from player location to enemies.

Do not rush into the enemy. It will cause you to lose your position. Find out the flanks of your enemy and predict their movements so that you can exploit them.

The best guns:

Your preference, ability and game mode will determine the best weapon. The AKR is a great weapon because of its fire rate and damage. These are some of the most effective assault weapons in Standoff:


AKR can be considered the best weapon of Standoff 2. AKR can deal 36 damage to your opponent if they are wearing body armor. If you fire at your enemy’s head with just one shot which is a massive advantage over other weapons

It is difficult to control the recoil in AKR. However, once you start using this weapon you will see the difference. If you can control the recoil, you will make one of the best Standoff 2 players. Talking of firing speed and reloading speed, AKR takes approximately the same time to reload with M4, whereas AKR can fire faster.

If we look at DPS then AKR wins the race as it deals more damage in a shorter amount of time. Even with all the stats, what you’re comfortable with and what you’re good at is the most important thing. It can really make a difference when it comes to battles. Many players pick AKR, but lose the fight because of the recoil control.


The M4A1-S is second in Standoff 2 (Assault) as a weapon. M4A1 can deal about 29 damage to your enemy if they are wearing a vest. M4A1-S can do around 94 damage to an enemy if it hits their head. M4A1-S recoils are easier to control than other weapons in Standoff 2.

AKR can fire faster than M4A1-S, while both guns have equal reloading times. M4 has a good DPS but it’s not as high as AKR. In fact, we can say it has quite a bit more. However, M4 may be second in Standoff 2 for its stats.

In some cases, yes, but it all depends on the player. If your enemy is equipped with AKR and you are equipped with M4, then you can kill them. Your stats are not what you use to decide which weapon you will choose, but your skill and comfort with that weapon. The difference between the two is how long you’ve spent practicing with that particular weapon.

Game Modes

Standoff 2 Cheat features a few different game modes. We will only cover the most well-known of them.

Team deathmatch is a 10-minute round where five players compete. The game is won if the winning group has the most kills after 10 minutes.

Team deathmatch is an excellent way to earn experience points and improve your skill.

One group is called the counter-terrorist militant while the other is called the terrorists. The counter-terrorist group must prevent the terrorist group’s planting and setting off a bomb. The terrorist group must then place the bomb and keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t explode. Standoff 2’s most fun game mode is Defuse The Bomb.


Standoff 2 is one those games that requires hard work and practice. There are no limits on how much time you can spend on the game. Therefore, more dedication and time from your side will likely result in quicker movement. You can play for several hours to fully grasp a map.

Although the game is very straightforward, it is difficult to comprehend when selecting weapons or setting up your weaponry. If you are just starting out, this guide can help you navigate the game. Make sure you read every word and follow all instructions to overcome every obstacle.

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